Friday 6.30 to 9.00 pm
Saturday : 10:45 to 3:00 pm


August 21 at 6:30 pm
1st Trial Class at 7:30 pm

School Starts August 22nd


8910 Old Cedar Ave
Bloomington MN 55425
+1 952 491 0594


Why MCC ?

We have designed programs using latest technology for distance learning during COVID-19

  • 65 google classes specific to child’s level and subjects.
  • Every lesson and each session is planned so that your kids gets the best experience.
  • Full visibility for parents.
  • Interactive online quizzes and activities to keep kids engaged during the session.
  • Online assignment submissions and assessments.
  • 10 kids per teacher ratio on an average.

Registration for 2020

Because of COVID-19 MCC will be fully online. We are offering following programs.
Click the following blue buttons to fill out the registration form. 

Friday & SaturdaY

All Subjects Included. This is the recommended option.

Friday Only

Seerah, Hadith, Islamic hist – and Ibada


Islamic Studies, Tajweed, Tahfeez , Quranic Arabic


Arabic Level 1-3
Tajweed Level 1-3
Sarf Level 1-2

Color Groups by Age

MCC we have designed our program in following groups based on age. Color is assigned for each level.

Ages 4 to 6 years

Red           4
Orange.    5
Yellow.      6

Ages 7 to 9 YEARS

Green.   7
Blue.      8
Indigo.   9

Ages 10 to 14 YEARS

Purple  10-12
Silver    12-14

Ages 14 years + 

Gold – High School students

Subjects & Stages at MCC


Develop Islamic personality through learning: Our Identity as a Muslim ,Basics of Worship, Understanding Islamic Aqeedah, Fiqh – Islamic Jurisprudence & Common Rulings, Islamic Manners – Every day essentials


Memorize Quran with Ahkam ut Tajweed. Divided in 11 groups for personalized level placements. At the end of last level, student may have Juzz 30th memorized In sha Allah


Focused area is performing salah,Learn with understanding, respect and love. Taharah Basics – Wudu, Tayammum, Ghusl Salah, duas and positions of Salah. Knowledge about Fasting and related acts Intro to Zakat (Details in Islamic Studies) Performing Hajj under supervision (Purple/Silver)


Graduate of this program should develop love of Quran ul Kareem and must be able to read Quran with Tajweed (with its due rights). A formal Tajweed certification exam is conducted at the end of Level 5. Requires minimum 70% score in both oral and written parts of Tajweed Certification Exam.


An intensive course that starts in a very simple way, focused to develop solid foundation in basics of Quranic Arabic’s Grammar & Vocabulary . Understanding Arabic to know what you recite in Salah and Quran that allows students to connect with the word of Allah SWT at a deeper level


To help young children grow to be the finest examples of Islamic behavior in practice and become valuable members of their communities. Community projects & Events participation


Learn from life & sayings of Rasulullah (S) to develop deep love and know him as a person, leader, messenger, guide, role model and mercy to mankind


To increase awareness of Muslim Historical & Contemparary Achievements for Purple 1 & Silver 1 every Fridays. Will include Ibadat contents from historical perspective will cover prayer basics for Purple 1 & Silver 1 levels


Are you working hard for your children, spouse, parents, office? Do you feel overworked, stressed, and restless sometimes?  Do you get time to watch TV/Shows/Matches at least for 1 hour a week?Spend an hour a week for PEACE in YOUR LIFE & Rewards for YOUR HEREAFTER.

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